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Jack took the framed photo from the desk. “Who’s this?”

“My daughter,” I replied. “Mary is ten now.”

“Impossible. You can’t have a kid that old, Kim,” he grinned. “I’d have figured her as your sister.”

He was flirting again. That was another of his nicer qualities. When the company hired him on as a consultant for the conversion, I was really pissed off. I was the lead for the project and, for all intents and purposes, I was his boss, and yet he was getting paid at least twice as much as I was. But he soon charmed me out of my anger, with his expertise and with his personality.

“Well, she’s just as pretty as her mother.”

I felt myself beginning to blush. We’d been working closely together over the past two months, with an awful lot of late nights. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d tried to make a move on me. In actual fact, I was sort of hoping he would. But not a day went by that he didn’t mention his wife. He really was devoted to her. And not a night went by that I didn’t wish that I was his wife instead of Carl’s. And then I felt guilty about thinking that.


Carl is a wonderful man, but completely impotent, absolutely no interest in sex. My dreams of a son had died with our non-existent sex life.


“Y’know, that’s really my only regret,’ he said, putting the frame back on my desk,” not having children.”

“Well,” I said, clearing my throat, “it’s never too late to start.”

“It is for me. Annie can’t have kids.”


“That’s too bad. I bet you’d have been a great father.” ‘Certainly his children would have been incredibly handsome and smart,’ I thought.


“Yeah, well, that’s the breaks. Anyway, this code isn’t going to do what you want it to, and here’s why.” He went on about the project and I tried to follow his reasoning, but I was too intent on his breath on my hair as he bent over to point at the listing.


I was sure he found me attractive. Without even being aware of it, I’d started wearing more provocative outfits to work. I didn’t even realize it until one night when I caught him glancing down the front of my blouse. Then I saw the bulge in his pants. That’s when I noticed how I’d been wearing my sheerest tops and my shortest skirts. It was no wonder I was getting strange looks from some of my co-workers.


After I let myself realize how I felt, it got worse. I’d purposely bend over when he was behind me, almost wiggling my ass at him, and I could hear his breathing quicken. I’d lean forward when I sat across from him at the conference table, giving him a clear view of the filmy bras I took to wearing, and his face would flush.  Once I even pressed my breast against the back of his neck when I looked over his shoulder at the computer screen. The words caught in his throat as we talked.


But even after all that, he never gave me the slightest indication that he’d ever act on what he was obviously feeling. Every morning I’d wake up anticipating being with him. Every night, I’d lay awake in bed, imagining him with me. I’d fondle myself, pretending it was his hands, his lips, his manhood, pressing into me. I’d orgasm while fantasizing him above me, his long hair swaying back and forth as he thrust into me again and again, pumping his seed into me, making me pregnant with his son. And when the waves subsided, I fell into a deep depression, knowing that it would never be.


Or so I thought.


“Jack!” I knew he’d hear the cry. It was another late night and we were the only two left in the entire building. Or so I thought.


When he bolted though the conference room door, responding to my terror-filled shriek, he saw the gun immediately.


“Alright, shithead,” the hooded man said, “get the fuck over there against the table with the bitch. And don’t pull anything heroic unless you want to die.”


He stood leaning against the walls in the corner of the room, his gun waving threateningly about. “You two picked the wrong night to work late.”


Jack walked slowly over to stand next to me, our

shoulders touching, facing the ski-masked man with our

backs to the large conference table. “J-Jack,” I said, my

voice trembling, “I—I just came in to get some papers

and there he was. He made me call you in here, I—”


“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” the man with the gun growled.

Jack said softly, “Look, fella, nobody wants any trouble.

Just tell us what you want and we’ll give it to you and then you can go, okay?”


“All the fuck I want is to get the hell out of here,” the man snarled.

“Go,” Jack said. “We won’t stop you.”

“The fuck you will,” he barked. “The second I go through that door, you’re on the phone to security and they pick me off before I’m on the first floor.” He shook his head.  ”What the fuck am I gonna do with you two assholes? I should just kill you both and take my chances that the shots aren’t heard.”


I began to cry. “P-please–please don’t–”

“Shit, bitch, I said shut the fuck up! Fuck, I ain’t never killed anybody before and I wasn’t planning to start, but I got to get the fuck out of here.”


“Listen, fella,” Jack said, “you can trust us, we won’t–”


“Faggot, I won’t tell you again,” he shouted, “shut the fuck up!”


The silence in the room seemed to last forever. Then the man with the ski mask said, “Alright, why don’t you two get naked while I figure out what to do with you.”


My mouth dropped open. “But–but why–”


“The two of you ain’t going to get very far running after me without clothes. Now strip!”


I began to unbutton my blouse as Jack took off his shirt.  I could feel the heat of his skin next to me. As my thin lacy bra came into his view, the intruder whistled. “Nice set, bitch. I’ll bet the two of you were going to end up screwing on one of those desks out there, weren’t you?”


“N-no,” I whispered as I undid my bra, letting my breasts free, “Jack’s never made any kind of advance at me.”


“What’s the matter with him?” the burglar asked. “Ain’t she your type, faggot?”


Jack didn’t say anything as he undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. I couldn’t help but notice how well hung he was. He glanced over to me and I could see his penis rising.


“What’s this,” the man said, pointing to Jack’s growing member with his gun, “is that for the bitch, or for me?  You fucking homo, I ought to shoot you now.”


“He–he’s not homosexual,” I yelped.


“Yeah, sure he ain’t. Working late with a piece of ass as nice as this, and he ain’t made his move? Oh, he’s a faggot all right. Look at his faggoty long hair! I fuckin’ hate faggots!”


He was getting agitated. “Please,” I said, “he’s–”


I froze in horror as he pointed the gun at me. “I won’t tell you again to shut the fuck up!” He turned the gun at Jack, who was now completely nude, as wasI.”Listen, you fuckin’ fag, there’s only one thing that’ll keep me from blowing you away right now, and that’s if you and that bitch get up on that table and you fuck the living shit out of her.”


Jack’s eyes flew open. I stammered, “No! I mean—we’re both married and I can’t—”

“The fuck he’s married. Fuckin’ window dressing if he is.  And you’re probably a fuckin’ lezbo, ain’t you? Well, I can cure you of that after I get rid of the fag.” He began to push himself away from the wall.


“No!” I cried. “It’s just–I mean, can–can he use a condom?”

“A what? Fuck, no! He screws you bareback–if he can screw you at all.”


“But I—I’m not protected and it’s a really bad time right now, I mean, if he comes in me, he’ll probably make me pregnant.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jack’s penis growing thick and hard as I spoke to the gunman.


“We’ll see if he can. Get up on the table, bitch.” I pulled myself back up onto the large conference table and lay back. I stared at the ceiling, shaking in fear and anticipation. My wish was coming true. “Spread those legs so I can see your cunt.” I pulled my thighs apart. I shivered as I realized I was getting wet. “Nice twat, bitch.”


Then I heard him bark, “Alright, faggot, get up there and stick the bitch.” Then I felt the table shake and suddenly Jack was over me, his legs between mine, his arms on either side of me holding himself up. My breath caught as I felt his penis on my thigh. “Pull your legs apart, faggot,” the man against the wall shouted. “I want to be able to see your cock in her cunt. Don’t try to pull any of that back-door shit or I’ll shoot you in the ass.” I felt his legs pressing my thighs wider apart. My knees came up to rest against his buttocks.


I looked up into his eyes. “I—I’m sorry, Kim,” he

whispered, I—”


“Ssh,” I hushed, “it’s all right.” I reached down and took his penis in my hand and guided it between the folds of my pussy. Jack groaned, his eyes closing at the pleasure.


He began to press in and I gasped as I felt the lips of my vagina wrapping around the thick head of his manhood.  His hips fell and his rigid flesh slowly sank into me. I began to moan. He was so big and I was so tight. We both grunted when our pubic bones met and he was fully inside me.


He began to withdraw and it felt like he was pulling my insides out with his penis. My vagina gripped him so tight, I never wanted him to leave. Then, with a grunt, he swiftly drove back in, making me cry out.


As he began to thrust in and out, I felt the fire growing

inside me. “Oh, Jack,” I moaned, “you don’t—you don’t

know how I’ve—I’ve wanted this—”


“No more—that me–,” he grunted, “I’ve wanted—you since—the first—night—”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” the burglar jeered. “C’mon, shithead, get your ass in gear. I want to hear that bitch scream.”


Jack didn’t need any encouragement. His rhythm increased and soon he was hammering into me so deeply I felt his thickness beating against my cervix. I met each powerful penetration, driving my buttocks up, trying to pull him in even deeper. The orgasm began deep within me, a fluttering inside that suddenly flashed and burned through my entire being. My entire body spasmed and I screamed in rapture.


“Yeah, that’s it, that’s it,” the hooded man whooped, “Pound that bitch! Make her squeal!”


As my flames of ecstasy waned, Jack suddenly changed tempo, thrusting with long, sharp jabs, and I began to spasm again. Each time one orgasm ended, he knew just how to alter his stroke to send me shrieking into another.


He seemed to go on forever, his beating hips growing more forceful and intense with each deep piercing. My body urged and coaxed him on, my buttocks pounding against the table as again and again I pushed myself up into him, taking him in, swallowing as much of him as I could into me, my spasming vagina pulling and clutching at his sweet flesh.


Then I felt his back begin to tighten and he grunted, “Kim, oh, God, Kim, I—I’m going to—I’m—” I felt him trying to pull away, but I quickly wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and heard myself crying, “No, baby, no, stay inside me! Come in me, baby, give it to me, fill me, fill me, come in me, come in me!!”

That sent him over the edge. His fingers dug into my shoulders as he drove himself violently in, the head of his penis hammering into my cervix. The hard flesh clenched tightly in my vagina suddenly swelled up and then, with a fierce throb, it gushed his sweet seed into me.

“Oh, yes, baby, fill me, fill me!” I squealed as again he savagely stabbed back into me and again the thickness deep inside me grew thicker before it again jerked and fired another great rush of potent sperm deep into me. I felt my convulsing vagina pulling and sucking at the thick cream, drawing it deep into my womb. Over and over, the massive flesh within me pulsed and pumped, flooding me, filling me, and my thirsty vagina greedily drank it down, squeezing and milking every sweet drop of the prolific inseminate from the ejaculating spike I held so tightly inside of me.

“Yes, baby, yes, baby,” I cried over and over, even after he was drained and collapsed on top of me. As we both strained to catch our breath, I stroked his hair. “That was so good, so good,” I moaned.


“Oh, God, Kim,” Jack whispered as he rolled off me, “I’m

so sorry, I tried to pull out, but I—I couldn’t and I—I

could have made you—made you—”

“Pregnant?” I finished. “Well, if I’m regular, and I usually am, I should be at my most fertile time.”

“Oh, God,” Jack groaned, “but if you’re—you’re pregnant– what are you going to tell your husband?”

“I don’t know,” I said, sitting up. “Carl,” I said to the man in the ski mask, who was still breathing heavily, “what am I going to tell you?”

Carl pulled off the mask. “For Christ’s sake, Kim, what was the point of the ski mask if you were going to tell him anyway? It’s not like he knew what I looked like. And it was damned hot under there.”

“Well,” I said, “this was fine for a one-shot, but there’s no guarantees you know.” I turned to Jack’s bewildered face. “Jack, you’re good. Real good. You’re everything I hoped you would be. And I don’t want this to be the one and only time. I want you to keep on seeding me until we’re sure your baby is growing inside me.”


Jack stumbled for words. “But what– who–”


I kissed Jack on the cheek. “Jack, you’re like Carl.  You’re a wonderful man. I tried, I really did, but there was no way you were going to be unfaithful to your wife unless you’re life depended upon it. Maybe even only if someone else’s life depended on it. So we put on this little charade for you, if only to show that Carl doesn’t mind. Do you, Carl?”

“Hell,” Carl answered, “I thought it’d be interesting, but I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy watching you getting it.”

“And,” I said to Jack, “I knew you wanted me. Jack, you deserve to have children, and I want to bear your child.  Let me give you a child, Jack.”

Jack’s face softened. He leaned over and pushed me back onto the table. He whispered, “Nothing would please me more.”

But just as he started to roll between my legs, Carl said, “Hey, Kim, before you two go back to making babies, will you take off these damn leg harnesses and get my chair? I think I’ve done all the standing I can do.”

As I pulled the wheelchair out of the conference room closet, Carl added, “And why don’t we go back to the apartment? Your beds gotta be more comfortable than that table, and the mirrors you set up will make it easier for me to watch. You don’t mind, do you Jack?”


“It’s the least I can do,” Jack said while eyeing me hungrily.


As it turned out, it took another month before I became pregnant. I gave Jack a beautiful baby girl. This time, though, the ultrasound says I’ll finally have my son.  Jack’s wife, Carol, was initially a bit upset, but she finally came around. Interestingly enough, she’s grown quite fond of Carl’s tongue and Carl says she does wonderful things with her mouth as well.


This story was written Kristen’s coll

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